Is a 19yr old and 29yr old age gap too much?

So, I'm 29 and I like a 19 year old. This is very much out of the blue for me as I really didn't think I'd ever want to date anyone college age again. She does act much older than her age, but I know there are just a lot of things she hasn't experienced yet. And before everyone jumps to the conclusion that this is just some sort of sexual ego boost for me, it's not. She is very feminine and that is really appealing to me.

I know that in situations like these the guy is usually immature for his age. That is not my situation. I make six figures, am currently in charge of 160 people, and am also about to start my own business on the side. If anything, I act older than I am. In this situation, that is a big concern for me.

My inclination is to go for it, and just take it really, really slow. What do you guys/gals think? Anyone who has any experience with a similar situation would be great. The biggest gap I've dated down was 7 years, and that didn't go so hot, but she was a VERY different person than this girl.
Is a 19yr old and 29yr old age gap too much?
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