Why is my muslim boyfriend ignoring me?

It is a new relationship. He said we will keep it secret for awhile. But then he called his mom in the UAE and told her he is in love with me. She was not happy, so he tried again the next day. He never told me what happened the second time. He got really quiet around me since then and won't make eye contact. He said his mom doesn't hate me and we can still be together, but I don't understand why he won't look at me. Neither of us go into a relationship unless it could result in marriage. I am not arabic or muslim. I am a Christian woman. I do love languages though and am trying to learn arabic. I don't go out. I don't drink. I mostly just work as a teacher and cook and clean. I'd this him or his mom having him avoid me?
I finally got him to speak to me. Enough to casually break up with me and pretend that it didn't matter. I am not a virgin. I'm a single mom. That was probably it. But he then tried to continue to play with my son. I won't let him near my son ever again. I grabbed my son from him and ran.


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  • It's very hard to be with a Muslim man and especially their family. I, for One, know this probably as well as anyone here, dear for I Am... A Christan girl myself.
    Four years ago, a man from Egypt found me on FB and we had started a whirlwind romance by chance. We got to know one another on Skype and along with him, I also was acqquainted with his family as well.
    I then flew off to the magical land of Cairo, where I stayed for 30 days. I bwegain to learn all about him and his family's way of life, their religion and culture, which I mixed well with.
    However, the second trip over, for we planned to tie the knot at the Mistry of Justice, which we did, his bro and his Muslim fiance also were getting hooked and al the parties, preparing, the glamorous apartment with all of the goodies in the gfamily house, wenmt directly to Them a sa Muslim couple. I felt left out, felt we were cheated from a lot and I felt it was not fair. I saw a lot of wrong, a lot of injustice, and even though I was this Christan girl, I do think we could have been appreciated and respected a bit more than we were.
    Don't get me wrong, when I first met the hundreds of family members, I was treated like royalty as this American princess but on the second trip, it was all taken for granted, and the attention was now on the bro and his babe, leaving a sour ball in my mouth.
    I stayed for awhile, learning to be aMuslim's wife but I did learn a few lessons in love and in life , and that The wife is second, the parents come first and even Now... He will never leave the family home to , mpve elsewhere to have anormal life with me in Egypt.
    Think twic ebefore getting back up witgh him. They have certain strict morals, believe in different things and your situation, even being a Christan, is something they will frown on.
    Good luck. xx

    • Well obviously... you do know if it's an open muslim family it's different

      But most will down on the western society... and sadly In this case you are part of that

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    • @Dave20152 I was engaged. My ex fiance left me the day I got home from the hospital.

    • @Dave20152

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  • Ask him if it'll work if you convert to Islam

    • Too late. I already broke that connection. I tried to keep it at peaceful ends, but my mom sent him an angry message without telling me because she felt disrespected because she thought his family was saying I wasn't good enough and he agreed. So she saw it as a direct attack on our family. No more comments on this. It's just over. Done.

  • Why does it matter if he's muslim or not, he's a guy no matter

    • Because of the weird dynamic with his mom. I knew something happened but didn't exactly understand what the opinion of people from the west may be.

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  • Difference in religion and cultures in a relationship can be tough. I can tell u why his mom is not really ok with ur relationship , she might think that since u r christian and foreigners you are not virgin , cuz in arab culture the woman should be virgin you know it since your boyfriend is muslim. Or she may be worried about the future of her son as you may leave him in the future after u two get married , i know its cliché but most of moms think like that and she is just worried.
    As for ur boyfriend try to sit him down and talk to him to understand whats wrong after all its not ur fault :)
    Hope things get better between you two ♥ dont give up on ur relationship

    • I tried. He won't even speak to me anymore. He ignored me other than yes or no questions and through that, I got him to say he wants our relationship to be over. I think he was wanting a fling and didn't realize I'm not the type. He disrespected me with how he responded and then ignored me as I cried and tried to walk away with my son and play with him. I will never let my son witness disrespect for his mom. Unfortunately this story ends with a break up and a promise to never let this man near me or my family again.

    • Oh i understand you , im sorry for that :(

  • I hate to be like this, but I know all about Islam being raised Muslim and know many Middle Eastern families. In Islam, you're not supposed to look the other sex in the eye or shake their hands, or even date. Muslim parents from the Middle East are also extremely strict and expect you to become Muslim once married and will likely interfere with your life once you get married to their son. I'm warning you now to think this through, you can still get out.


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