Guys, do boys like artsy girls?

So me and my group of friends are all pretty artsy. Honestly your basic tumblr user (the cool side of tumblr, not the weird basic side that is just pictures of white people holding stuff like soda or "designer water" aka what ahh is one brand (stupid I know!!) ) we love to find cool alt rock bands no ones really heard of, we love art, especially me. I freaking love to paint. We don't dress weird either. And I know this shouldn't matter but we are not ugly. However we are feminist which I know scares guys who are dumb as f*** and don't understand we want equal rights for everyone!!! We are all actresses too, we love to be in plays and onstage. So yeah, we may be a little loud (well actually I'm not, I'm actually fairly quite unless I'm with my friends. I'm not shy, I just don't want to talk to certain people in my classes because they are uninteresting.) ok I've made myself sound very egotistical but I swear I'm not lol. I socialize enough with guys too, yet I don't think anyone has EVER had a crush on any of us. Are boys scared of girls who aren't afraid to have paint all over their hands and clothes?


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  • You sound like you try too hard to be "unique and alternative".

    • Bit like the thing is we don't and I feel like people know that too. Lol I just don't know anymore

    • It's the fact that you have to make "artsy girls" a thing. That's like if "guitar players" were all in a clique, which they definitely aren't. Art could be a hobby, but I don't get why it separates you from others.

  • I'm fine with artsy girls, I do value free thought and expression. I wouldn't consider tumbler super artsy but that's just whatever.

    Though it's unlikely I would date a self-proclaimed feminist.

    Also, paint all over your hands and clothes? You've lost me here, I would prefer them to keep clean, though I'm not sure what you mean exactly.

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