My crush thinks I'm a "goody-2-shoes" or whatever... But I was involved in some not so great stuff... Should I never tell him?

I JUST started talking to this guy. Last night was our first official one-on-one meeting. It went well, but he joked that I was a "goody-2-shoes" and asked what I did for fun and whatnot... Honestly I didn't want to tell him. Like he drinks alochol and gets high, and parties in that way.. (We're in college btw) but I just prefer not to tell him. Everyone always thinks I'm that way because I'm very reserved... But the last 2 years I hung out with some different crowds in my home town, and I had s boyfriend who was 29 (while I was 20) and I was introduced to a variety of things but I don't feel good by them. Like of course I've gotten high, I've popped various pills, sex with a guy 10 years older than me... Racing cars and finding underground races with him, riding on his motorcycle going 90mph without any helmet... I hung out with a group of people on heroin and meth 24/7.. My best friend almost lost her life due to heroin and I was the only person there to make sure she didn't nod off for good. I've never tried heroin except tasting it, and I don't want to after seeing her go through what she did. I also had a boyfriend at that time who was on meth and heroin and it ruined us. My brother is an alcoholic at 23 years old and brought a knife to my family the other weekend.

Anyways, I just don't think it's glamorous.. And I hit this problem with many people and guys I encounter. Like i say no to a lot of drugs and alcohol because I think it's a waste. But I feel like they just think I'm lame.

Anyways, if he asks me again.. Do I tell him this?


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  • You do sound very goody two shoes. Most of what your talking about seems to have been done by others and an older boyfriend isn't a big deal. You think your some sort of rebel bad girl with a secret past but your actually more of a sheep and a bit soft in the head.

    • Well.. I've done all he has. Pot and alcohol isn't, in my opinion, a woah bad girl kind of thing. I've tried and done both and had periods of doing them more but they bore me now.

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    • Stop with the honey

    • Just saying babe live your life.

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  • You are not a bad girl. You were just pressured to try various things because of your boyfriend and friends. If he asks you again or if he mentions anything in regards to it, you can simply tell him that you have done a couple of things you're not very proud of.

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