My enemy knows who my crush is?

I'm in year 8, (7th grade) and o lime this guy but he's really popular and kind of In the middle of the popularity scale. At lunch today I was sitting with 7 of my girl friends, one of my guy friends and his best friend (my enemy). His enemy said he knew who I liked, I said "Oh yeah who?" And he said the name of this really gross guy in my year. I oh course saidew no. My guy friend who was sitting next to me (we will call him T) said I liked (let's call him) H. He was joking and was just saying that all day to annoy me. I said shut up, you know who I like and it's not him. He said he knew. Then I stupidly said If E (my enemy) found out I would die. What happened next confused me. T went over to E ans whispered something to him. E then said 'You likeA? (My crush)" and I went silent as T went over to sit next to me. I asked him what he had said and he said he told E that I liked H. I'm not completelysure. I said to E of course I don't like A I hardly know him. When I was leaving with My friends E said thathe was going to tell A ans I said "I don't care I don't like him" and left. What do I do? I'm scared my crush will find out and I don't knuq exactly what T said to E. CommentPlease!
My enemy knows who my crush is?
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