Will Indian men ever be considered sexy in Anglo countries?

For the record Im not saying it doesn't happen now... A quick look through my facebook page and I see a dozen or so Indian guys with white or Asian girlfriends...

And Indians have historically done well with Russian and Malaysian/Chinese wives...

But Im asking whether Indian men will ever be considered sex symbols in Anglo nations...

Keep in mind black guys were considered the bottom of the barrel forever, until the 1990s when things liberalised... In mant ways blacks are still the bottom of America but thats another story

I realise most Indian guys have the knowledge that they can go home to India and get a stunner to marry them and cook yummy food and raise the kids etc etc...

But Indians must also marry local girls too... Especailly for the ones born here in the West...
What would it take for Indian guys to be considered sexy by the masses... Or is the West to shallow and childish to look past bodybuilder looks anymore...

Im not saying Anglo women are the best because they aren't... But Im curious


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  • Do you mean "white" when you say Anglo? As many white people in America (which you mention) are not Anglo. Or do you mean in the UK? I can only speak for the former.

    You've already realized that individual Indian men are getting girlfriends of every other race. That's pretty much what it is in America - individual people are considered sexy, others are not. Exaggerated displays of attractive traits tend to be common in the movies/tv shows. Huge breasts, six pack abs, blinding teeth, what have you. But normal people fall for each other and whatnot. Indians will become more prominent in US movies as the population rises, as it makes economic sense.

    Doesn't India also has many different ethnic groups calling it home? So there is a pretty diverse set of physical features coming out of that continent.


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  • Girls think Indian guys are creepy, addicted to sex. That's the only comments I've got about Indian guys here.

    • theyre not though lol

      Indian guys are nerds who spend their lives studying or working... They can't be creepy as well...

      Girls are just hateful of them in certain parts of America

    • There are creepy Indian guys. There are nerdy Indian guys. There are every kind of Indian guys (and girls). Same applies to every country. I'm not able to understand why people are being stereotyped.

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  • I know some Indian guys here in America whose looks I'm jealous of. Being athletic is always a huge help... so, maybe if there was an attractive Indian sports star then there would be a noticeable boost in women finding Indian men attractive. Aziz Ansari and Piyush Jindal are the only big Indian male names I can think of, and neither are known as heartthrobs.

  • The reason Indian guys are ignored by white girls has nothing to do with their looks and everything to do with their attitudes. Most Indian guys are incredibly arrogant and condescending, ESPECIALLY toward women. I don't know a single American woman who would put up with that crap from a man.

  • An observation I've made of Indians in the US, is they really struggle breaking out of their cultural bubble and interacting with others.

  • I thought women loved the Indians in America. They know all about the wild and spirit animals and stuff and they own all the casinos

  • Yup very soon, when Americans know their own reality and their hypocrisy. Not all American are same, I'm talking about hypocrite Americans.


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