Why haven't we had sex yet?

It's obvious none of you would possibly know the answer but Id just like a second opinion so I know I'm not just being a douchebag.

Our one month anniversary is on Friday and we still haven't done anything sexual. And her period started today so its not like she wants to do it Friday 😒

We were already friends before we started dating so we've already gotten past the I love you's and stuff.

Me and her mom are close too and her mom tells me that I'm all she ever talks about.

She's not a virgin. She had sex with her previous boyfriendsds. (Not sure how far into the relationships)

So if she's so into me, why haven't we done anything sexual yet?

I've always had sex with my previous girlfriends like after hanging out 3 or so times, so this is kind of unusual to me I guess
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She teases me on the phone all the time, and sometimes in person. But it never goes anywhere.
Why haven't we had sex yet?
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