Why haven't we hung out yet?

we keep on cancelling on each other.

he seems interested but won't actually make a move.

is this a case of he's just not that into you?

why do guys stick around, we're talking about YEARS, if it's not meant to be. he's still in the picture. WHY? Is he just being slow?

I've asked him out before. moves have been made


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  • Okay okay, calm down, clearly your confused and I understand why. He obviously he still cares.
    " why do guys stick around, we're talking about YEARS,"

    He would have left long time ago.

    In this fact. Probably the location is screwing things up and bad timing. Try going somewhere close at the time both are free. Don't squeeze your choir sand hanging out.

    • all we do is message each other. i haven't seen him. i think im over it.

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  • He's still in the picture because he's waiting for someone better to come around. When they don't, he reaches out to you. Yes, it's a classic case of he's not that into you (I'm judging from the time period). There's no such thing as being THAT slow. 9 times out of 10, if a guy wants to make a move, he'll find a way.

    • Years? I agree with you but it's weird. He's pretty passive aggressive. Something is going on there other than he's not that into you. Most guys who do that will actually see you, try to sleep with you.. what's the point of having. Back up plan you never utilize?

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    • lol I was judging you or projecting. It just doesn't seem worth it from my perspective to keep feelings for a guy that hasn't made a move in years. Keep doing what you're doing by dating around and meeting new people.. you'll eventually come across someone much better for you and none of this will be an issue.

    • EDIT: I was NOT judging you. Sorry! Missed an important word!

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  • You haven't made any move either

    • I've asked him out...

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    • well he hasn't followed through so i guess he's not that into it. or there are better options.

    • I'd say you have your answer

  • Y'all haven't hung out cause y'all keep canceling on each other


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