Why is she finding excuses to talk to me?

We never officially dated, but we used to flirt a lot and I didn't hide that I was interested in her. We used to get along very well, but it seemed she became scared of something and became very defensive. We used to be able to go for lunch and hang out for hours. Now, It's come to the point where we can't sit and talk anymore. The last time I tried to talk to her about us, she kept saying stuff like "why do we have to be so serious". She often tries to run away from our problems and pretends that they never happened, which I can't do. There is so much miscommunication and misunderstanding between us all because she isn't willing to talk. I asked her if we were friends again, and she said we were "casual friends". From that point, she became distant and I saw no point in continuing a lie.

I got ready to let her go completely, delete her off Facebook, delete her contact number, etc. After she found out, it seemed like she didn't take it too well. At first, it seemed she was angry, but this is what I don't get --

She skips only our class and I don't talk to her for three weeks. When she comes back, I kept ignoring her to show that I didn't need her and I felt it was too soon to lower my guard. She pokes me on facebook and I ask her why she did it and she plays dumb! She pretended that she forgot all about the poke and said that it was just a response to my poke, but I actually poked her about three MONTHS ago. So that seems like one excuse.

The second "excuse" happened yesterday. We were doing presentations in class, and after class she comes up to me, pats me on the shoulders and says "good job". I say thanks and continue making plans for the weekend with my friends. She comes up to me again and says that we should plan a going away party for a friend who is going back to Japan. They are leaving in a few days, so to tell me now made little sense. Especially since there were a lot of other people she could have made plans with.

Despite trying to make it painfully clear that I wanted nothing to do with her by deleting her from FB and my blog entries (that she still reads from time to time), it just seems that she's just trying to find excuses to talk to me. I'm just so confused because she isn't willing to talk at all, so I can't get a direct answer from her. She never wants to meet anywhere, and I don't try to make things awkward. I smile when I see her, and I don't ignore her anymore, I just won't hold a conversation with her to let her know that it's not okay.

..so, from a person who doesn't want to talk to me, calls me a "casual friend", and doesn't ever want to hang out, why would she find excuses to talk to me?

I'll gladly date her if there is a chance, especially since I haven't confessed to her yet, but I don't want to take her signs the wrong way. I still like her a lot, but I just want to move on if there's no chance. Is it possible that she's just confused too and likes me as well?

Thanks for your time.
Why is she finding excuses to talk to me?
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