My girlfriend is always sick?

There is always something going on with this girl. I've dated her for almost 6 months and she's had ovarian cysts twice, she has had strep, migraines for 3 weeks (still has them), the cold at least 3 or 4 times and more I can't think of. She's sick at least 1 time a month for at least a week, and has her period on top of that. Whenever she is sick all we talk about is her being sick, she just complains all the time. I find myself unsympathetic at this point, but I still take care of her. She barely eats some days, like when I mean barely eats she'll eat like a grape and an orange or she won't eat at all somedays. I'm not claiming anything but she tends to get sick a lot when the topic of sex is brought up. She'll give me an excuse to not have sex one day and she promises the next day and then magically she has strep or something (Even doctors confirmed it). We didn't have sex for 3 months because of ovarian cysts. And she gets pissed off at me when I get upset about being denied all the time. I've tried talking to her it's no use. I've tried to tell her she needs to take better care of herself and she agrees. So I'm not exactly sure what the hell to do.
My girlfriend is always sick?
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