How would you feel if you found out where your crush lives?

This guy at my job who i guess has a crush on me, gives my brother in law a ride to my house. My brother in law and I get off work at different times. And my brother in law comes to my house after work because he wants to spend time with my sister who is his fiancee. Anyway the guy who supposedly has a crush on me knows where i live now. My brother in law says he subtly asks questions about me.
How would you feel if you knew where your crush lived?
He's only asked questions like how do i know my brother in law.
He's 24 and I'm 20


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  • I know where my crush lives, but there's nothing I can do about it because his house is like 300 km away from mine.

    • Thanks for MH.

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  • Ask him for his number. Don't become a stalker.


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