Guys, Whats the difference between dating, girlfriend and a wife material?

Why would you date a girl if she's not a wife material?


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  • dating: attractive, not cazy, bearable personality

    gf: attractive, smart, fun to talk to and hang out with, similar interests/humor, sweet, trustworthy, makes me feel safe, classy, low partner count

    wife: to justify the risks of marriage, shed have to have all the traits of girlfriend but to the extent that I can truthfully think to myself "gee this girl is really something special, it would be near impossible to find another girl who possess the same combination of qualities that she does" also "I can really see us lasting more than 10 years"


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  • They all have the potential to be gf's then wives. Its the dating that's the first step to find out

  • As for dating it pretty wide. Your basically going in with a woman unknown traits but for most people a quick fling is the goal.
    Girlfriend material.
    1. Kind
    2. Playful
    3. Hot
    4. A willingness to learn her man well.
    5. Stays out of trouble.
    Wife material
    1. Has a giving nature. Enjoys giving.
    2. Loyal
    3. Kind
    4. adorable (notice the change from hot to adorable, because adorableness can't be lost with age.)
    5. Good with kids
    6. Low drama
    7. Experienced with dealing with men. (knows what does and does not annoy guys , turns guys on or off, and is confident in her knowing of this unspoken rules.

  • Because dating is not just about finding a future wife.

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