I had a dream that my boyfriend broke up with me?

Okay so last night I had the same dream 3 times in a row, I woke up after each time I had this dream but the same dream didn't continue I mean the topic of the dream stayed the same but the way it happened each time was different. The dream was that my boyfriend broke up with me.

And it felt real after I woke up the third time that I had that dream, I thought that we actually broke up for a second I literally checked my phone and went through our text messages. And I was relieved to see that we were still together, bc I seen the sweet messages he sent me yesterday.

Anyways, I am afraid of being broken up with:/ I absolutely hate it. And I really really really really like my boyfriend. I have had the hugest crush on him for the longest time, before we started dating he didn't like me for a while he only seen me as a friend because he didn't know what he wanted and he didn't want to date me when he wasn't sure because he knew he would hurt me and he didn't want to.

And after a while he started to fall for me, and he told me that he was sorry that he didn't know what he wanted for a while. And he said that what he really wants now is me. And he asked me to be his girlfriend.

I kind of have a fear of being dumped, because he makes me really happy and like I said I really like him. And I have never felt this way about any guy before. And he hasn't shown any signs of him wanting to dump me.

Does this mean anything? Does this mean that he actually will dump me?
I had a dream that my boyfriend broke up with me?
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