What do you all think about "Looksmatching"?

This means to look for romantic relationships and or one-night stands with people of equal looks value. (5 goes for a 5, 10 for a 10)

1) It seems that girls have higher standards for looks in onenight stand scenarios while guys will actually lower their standards for looks also they have basically no standards for personality.

2) Girls will slightly lower their standards for looks in relationships but will raise their standards for other things (personality/status)

3) Guys will raise their standards for looks and personality for relationships but usually don't care about status.

I. e. if you are ugly then go for ugly people. If you are hot go for hot people. Makes the situation a lot easier...

And honestly beauty is in the eye of the beholder is a BS cope that makes ugly people think they have a chance to find a beautiful partner (not one they settled for). Beauty is pretty universal, although there will be some differences amongst individuals most people can objectively tell you whether someone is hot or not.

I see a lot of people complaining that they can't get a "hot partner" because of their looks. In actuality it makes sense, you shouldn't get "hot" if you aren't "hot" just LOL.


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  • I think giving people ratings by number is completely dehumanizing and a very immature concept. Besides, some people have such a skewed view of themselves that it really doesn't work. There are very attractive women on this site all the time who have low self-esteem grasping for attention. I don't see that as often here with men, but I am sure it is just as prevalent. It can also work the other way around. Some people are extremely vain and arrogant, but really have no reason to be. The fact is that everyone has a different view of what is attractive. Yes, there are general standards of beauty that most people will agree on, but we all have preferences, so to completely disregard that is assinine. Anyway, if all you are going for is looks in a relationship, it is doomed to fail anyway. The concept might work for one-night stands where personality and emotion are not as important, if at all.

    • Finally some sense. Looks only matter in ONS and people seem to forget this. The rest is on a sliding scale for a relationship (Status, Looks, Money, Personality) all are shiftable for each individual. ONS choices do not equal relationship choices

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  • If you manage to pull it off, good for you. But the reality is that most of the time, someone in the relationship (or fling) will be the more ugly one most of the time.

    • Eh true, but there can be a general range that should be considered

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