Would it be weird if I texted a guy that I haven't talked to in about three weeks?

I haven't talked to him in like three weeks. because I have been hesitating to text him because I feel like he's not gonna respond to me. In the past we have had this texting problem where I will send him a text first or in the middle of us texting and he will not respond back. When I asked him about it he said that he didn't know what I was talking about, he has no reason to annoy me, he never got them and that I could message him on wanted to because he gets that on his phone too. But I know that he feels like I give him the run around because he's feels that I always have excuses 4 why I got do something with him. But we discussed that and everything seemed good. We hung out after that before we left to go back to college. When we chill together he's really sweet and we just click. But since I haven't talked to him in so long I feel like he may feel like I don't like him any more. So should I text him just for the hell of it?


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  • Well after years of dating, one thing I've learned is if a guy likes you then he's going to call or text you and he'll get back to you. I used to say go text him back or call him (when I was 20) but really now I realize that if he isn't calling or texting then you're not on his mind, which means he's not interested. I'd say forget him and move onto someone that can actually respond to your texts and communicates with you regularly.

    • K that's what I have been trying to do but its kinda hard because I really did/do like him.

    • One thing I did when I was trying to move on from a guy was cross of the days on the calendar with a black marker when I didn't talk to him and blue when I did. I would reward myself after not talking to him for 1 week, then 2, then 4, and finally into months. I would get myself a present or indulge in something, like cheesecake;) I would also eye flirt with other guys, it's nice to know someone out there wants to flirt back.

    • I gave you best answer because I actually haven't talk to him in almost 3 months and I'm proud of that. I can actually say that I'm ova him. Thanks for the advice.

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  • yeah. its okay to want to talk to someone. just ask how he's been or what he's been up to. don't ask for details. if he doesn't text back asking the same about you, don't freak, he could be busy.

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