Black girls are ugly?

Okay so, i came across a forum discussing how people are repulsed by black girls and we are the ugliest race on the planet. LOL i'm not at all offended. I'm just curious as to what you all think? And why? Is it the dark skin? features? please specify. ( PLEASE DON'T BRING IN PERSONALITY. and how " ghetto, loud, etc" black girls are that's not what i'm looking for.)
I know i'm not ugly and i've never been called ugly in my life, i'm black and Portuguese and i get approached by white men and others all the time however they always think i'm Hispanic.
Feel free to name black women celebs you do find attractive.
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I'm never been and probably will never be sexually aroused by a white person but i can see one and think oh he's cute. is it like that?
Black girls are ugly?
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