I called my guy cute. Do guys like being called cute?

Normally I call him sexy or handsome! But, today he looked really cute so I told him he was so cute. Is that bad? I've heard guys don't like being called that. But, for some reason I decided to call him cute. Do guys like being called cute.

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If you hate it. Why would you hate it?
So coming from the girl your dating? Is it still a bad thing?


Most Helpful Guy

  • i love it when my girlfriend calls me cute. it makes me feels safe and relaxed. i feel like i am hers and she will always be there to hold me and protect me.

    • That's good to hear:) thank you!!

    • I guess it also depends on the guy too.

    • yes. it also depends on the girl doing the asking. my girlfriend is very gentle and sweet. never sarcastic. that's why i always feel such a thrill when she notices me and says something nice about me.

Most Helpful Girl

  • They should <3

    • Ok. Cool I hope so. Thank you:)

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  • I think it depends on the guy by and large. I think most guys don't like it, that will be my assumption of course.

    No, I certainly dislike being called as cute.

  • why dont you ask him, what was his reaction.

    • Ok. Thanks.

    • I guess it depends on the guy as well.

  • It's fine coming from the girl I'm with but that's it

    • Ok. Cool thank you.

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    • Yeah that too but most won't mind

    • ok. That's good to hear. I've just read a lot about how some guys like it and some don't. I tend to overthink things. Thank you:)

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