Why Do Women Feel Entitled To Get Free Drinks From Men?

So, last night, I was at a night club, and I started talking to this girl. We had a pretty conversation, and she seemed to like me. During our convo, she asked me, "Hey... can you please buy me a drink? I'm really thirsty." I looked at her like she was crazy and I simply said, "no."

She then looked at me for a few moments and then told me I was a rude man and she left and started talking to some other guys.

1. Club drinks are expensive. For example... I can get a Vodka and Sprite drink from a dive bar for 1-2 bucks. At a night club, they want $10 for that little drink!

2. Why am I in the wrong for not buying her a drink? Last I checked, women and men work, we all earn our own money, etc.. Since when am I "rude" or "the bad guy" because I don't grovel at a woman's feet and buy her an expensive drink?

Honestly, it bugs me that women actually have the audacity to ask a man to buy them drinks, especially if they don't know the man personally. Just because I talk to you for 5 minutes, I should buy you a drink? Really?
Why Do Women Feel Entitled To Get Free Drinks From Men?
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