Why are women so competitive and mean to one another?

So I was out \with a bunch of women that I had just met at a bar in

a quaint town in Norcal. All of us were pretty. Two of us were late 30s. Other girls were mid 20's. One girl was really trying to dominate the conversation and she did. She was trying really hard to be alpha female. Actually I have never met a woman who tried so hard to be macho and outrageous...sharing many a raunchy story...and pics...I felt tension in that she felt she needed to be top dog...I notice people like to brag out here...and people were

trying to keep up with her...I notice people will also say mean things about other people that they may have just spoke with...

She did this. Oh and I ordered a wine and the bartender brought the whole table(4 of us) wines...and I was surprised and flattered.

I just said this never happens to me. She said what did you do flash your nipple? OK I laughed it off once but not a classy comment...yet she kept going with this...like she couldn't believe I could get us free drinks just being me and not being raunchy...

Then the other girl jumped in on this...I think she wanted her to like her. Other girl looked like Amanda Seyfried. It felt a little like

"Mean Girls"//the movie...popular girls are mean and hyper-competitive. She couldn't accept something nice just happened to me...but then again maybe she gets free stuff for sluttiness.

I knew this girl only a little while and had been shown a pic of her butt,with whip lashes on it...from Folsom St Fair...it;s a S and M thing in San Fran. She also whipped out a peeing contraption from her purse that hikers use I guess,never seen one...and she exclaimed I have a chubby p****. Oh and she was at the table talking of a good meal and loudly saying, I creamed my [pants! Mind you we were at a family friendly restaurant bar in San Mateo...not San Francisco while she's doing this...and while at first she seemed cool...it was clear she

wanted to push the envelope on being outrageous. Oh and when Amanda Seyfried didn't touch her wine..also she was driving...I wasn't I asked could I have a bit of her wine...the wine I got us for free and she gave me a snarky look and said go for it.

As we were winding down I had the wine and another drink and

raunchy girl reached out for my drink when said I had better hurry.

She reached out like I am entitled and I held on to it, and she gave me a dirty look saying you are going to drink both...ok! She already had her free wine and I scored it for everyone. I had a rough week and wanted my darn free wine. Whatevs. Earlier in the week an ex friend/neighbor called me a Bitch. Low class...

This because I was sharing a story of something that bothered me in my room-mate situation. She h\as said many judgmental things and also does the bragging one upping thing. I won't hang with her again. Is this what girls do now...to feel better...

Is it because they are desperate to get a man or have friends. I think

it is a sign of insecurity. Is life just a continuation of high school?

Why are women so competitive and mean to one another?
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