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Feel free to leave any comments on my Tinder profile (below). No pictures, just what I wrote.

"Prefer to learn about you than talk about myself. But here goes.

Looking for a girl less shy than me.

I don't get cold so I'm always willing to lend you my jacket.

6'1", engineer, originally from (city name).
Cat person (sorry)

Prefer the outdoors to cities
Played violin since 6th grade
Embody nearly all nerd stereotypes to some extent.

Je parle un peu du francais, mais j'ai besion de pratiquer plus.
Apprendo hablar espanol tambien

I don't drink, I don't smoke, and I don't play games"


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  • Where is the picture? Anyway, the jacket part is a little cheesy, but other than that it's pretty okay.


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  • You're writing a bio that's more for something like POF.

    "Looking for a girl less shy than me."
    -You're admitting that you're shy which is a major turn off. Moreover you're looking for a woman, which is also not good thing to say. Never mention your intentions whatever they may be.

    "I don't get cold so I'm always willing to lend you my jacket."
    -Chivalry does not get men far nowadays, let's be honest.

    "6'1", engineer, originally from (city name)."
    -It's good you mentioned your height. Definitely drop the job title though, the majority of Tinder girls are dumb and you are screening them out by showing them you are more intellectual than them. (I'm a chemist that uses Tinder, I would know =P)

    "Cat person (sorry)"
    -Cats are feminine pets, giving you a feminine persona.

    "Prefer the outdoors to cities"
    -Keep this, it's good.

    "Played violin since 6th grade"
    -I would drop this.

    "Embody nearly all nerd stereotypes to some extent."
    -Keep this, it's funny which is what you want in a Tinder profile.

    "I don't drink, I don't smoke, and I don't play games"
    -I am on the line about this one.

    In general though I would say you are taking it too seriously. Put something funny in your bio instead.

    Source: 500 matches on Tinder as of last week


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  • Put "6"1 I bet I'm prettier than you" Watch how many sloots will message you saying that they are prettier lmao. Works perfectly. Srs. Your profile is lame AF. I'm an engineer as well but I'd never think to put that on a tinder bio. Embody nearly all nerd stereotype. That shit only works if you're a stud as well. Take off the I don't drink/smoke as well. Makes you sound lame. Violin since 6th grade? Srs? No dude. Cat person. Fucking cringe.

  • Its great!

    If you don't mind not getting any matches.

    • Write only:

      6'11'' engineer.

      Done. Leave some of the mystery. Don't tell your life story to strangers swiping on the toilet. Yes, thats the time Tinder is used the most.

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    • @Harpesian its obviously a typo dude

    • Ohhh, I thought you were joking or just exaggerating. XD

  • You had me at 6'1 engineer 😍

  • I like it! Honestly, I wouldn't listen to some of the advice you're getting unless that's the kind of girl you're looking for. And would it be worth it that way?

  • Kill any insecurity in your profile.