Is a 5 year gap too much in a relationship?

So, I'm 18, got into engineering university this year and I met a guy there. He's cute, nice, we made out a few times and he's been giving me hints that he wants to be in a serious relationship. The thing is, he's 23 and honestly, I'm just super scared. I've never dated guys that much older than me and I'm afraid of getting myself in an abusive relationship. Many women I know regret dating older men at such a young age, because they tend to be manipulative and I'm just really, really afraid of finding myself in that place and not knowing what to do then. He doesn't give away any alarming signals of being abusive, but neither do other abusers or nobody would be in a relationship with them in the first place. I like him, I'm just scared. What do I do?
Is a 5 year gap too much in a relationship?
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