If a guy gives you his house keys does that mean he loves you?

We dated briefly 3 years ago, we live on the same street. We still text almost everyday. He lets me leave my cooking stuff at his place and would invite me to cook for him from time to time. Or he would order delivery. he also gave me his house keys.

We still hang out every 2 to 3 days. If I need his help to carry heavy stuff from work to home he would do it for me.

He has had many flings all these years and is still actively looking for new girls, he sometimes date a few girls at once. he told these girls I'm his friend.

Does he love me?


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  • he is just a player, he wants you and he also wants all the girls he can have.

    Stop being his maid and you might earn some respect. giving you a key could means just to save him some money from locksmith if he ever lock himself out.

    • He probably is a player as he does juggle a few girls at once all the time..

    • If he loves you he would have kept dating you. You are an ex for a reason. He doesn't love you enough to commit to you.

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  • No. If he is still looking for other women he doesn't love you. Love is a strong word and gets overused a lot it should be reserved for only the deepest connections. He may like you or just think of you as a friend.

    • House key is big though? also he wouldn't stop texting me even when he is hanging out with new girls? He would just tell them he is texting his "neighbor"

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    • it's been 3 years, I wonder why doesn't he just get back with me

    • Ask him or you may regret never knowing.

  • He trusts you.

    • Does he love me? Like he wants to rekindle the relationship?

    • Don't know. But he trusts you with his house so that's a thing

    • Sometimes it annoys me that I'm making him dinner and he is texting girls he is dating. But he text me while he is with them too

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  • I wouldn't consider that as evidence that he loved me, but that he trusted me 101% . I'd value his trust in me