No contact rule and snapchat?

Long story short. Ex and I broke it off a month ago, we haven't talked to each other since, it ended very abruptly. My interpretation of the situation was that she didn't want to actually break up, she wanted to catch my attention but it backfired.

Anyways, we're still snapchat friends and she will look at my stories very soon after I post them (Viewed my last two within the first ten minutes of posting), whereas I rarely look at hers and if I do it isn't until they've been posted for a while. Does this mean something? I do miss her, and I've been contemplating breaking no contact given how things ended. I don't believe either of us wanted it to end the way it did.

We live in the same town, are friends with some of the same people, and I am good friends with her brother so it's not like if I don't contact her I'll never see her again.


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  • If you still want her in your life, contact her and plan to meet in a calm place so both of you can discuss and share your feelings

    • Trying to figure out the best way to text her. I don't want her to think it's about trying to convince her to get back together. Think I should mention that when I text her?

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    • I mean I'd take her back if that's what she wants, otherwise I am not going to push for it. I don't know about the phone call thing, no contact for a month then a call out of the blue? Think it'd make more sense to just text her and see if she wants to grab a drink to talk, no?

    • Let's talk in private, show up!

  • Looks like it's obvious you both kinda miss each other but don't want to make the first step and contact the other.
    Unless one of you does soon, she's gonna meet some guy who'll be her "shoulder to cry on"
    Just contact her.

    • What's the best way to go about it/word the text? Just say something like any chance you'd want grab a drink and talk? Also mention that Im not doing it to convince her to get back together?

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