Are you scared of your bf/gf cheating on you?

Many of us (I include myself) have been scared or insecure about our S. O cheating on us just because of the problems we have had in the relationship or because your she/he has been talking/hanging out with a friend of the opposite sex, etc.

Here is the link of what this relationship expert has to say about cheating.

Relationship expert Charles Orlando talks about why people cheat in relationships

This is an amazing interview and im sure it will help you understand a lot of things that are happening in your relationship, he not only talks about cheating but he also talks about relationships and everything that comes within it.

I also wanna know if you have ever thought or have doubts that your gf/bf is cheating on you but you're not entirely sure if he/she is?
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Are you scared of your bf/gf cheating on you?
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