Boyfriend and daughter share bed?

So I've been dating a fellow divorcee, and sleep overs have graduated to every weekend including when he has his kids for the past few months now. Now I adore his kids and think they are wonderful, and I really enjoy having all of us, including my girls, spend time together. The only problem for me is that he shares a bed with his 7 year old daughter, every night, and I don't want to be 'that girlfriend' who makes him change his patterns with his kids but... I'd really like some one on one time with him at night. We only get to spend weekends together so I get max 8 nights with him a month.
(And he has his kids 50/50, not just twice a month)

Now he's brought it up himself and told me numerous times that he is going to start having her sleep in her own room ( and she has a fabulous room of her own)... but she still never sleeps there. He never even really tries to get her to. His reasoning is that he doesn't want to upset her and when he asks her to sleep in her room she doesn't want to, so he's not going to 'force her'.
So even when he's put her in her room for the night, he ends up going and getting her... even when she hasn't come out on her own. Because she MIGHT be upset about it.
Honestly I think it would be better for her in the long run to go back to her own bed and have a consistent bedtime, because she really doesn't right now, she goes to bed as late as 10pm some nights (weeknights he has her) and I know she's not mine, so it's really none of my business but that is not good for her.
She doesn't share the bed at her mom's place, they didn't share a bed before, and he's mentioned to me that her mother wants the kids in their own rooms... but he STILL won't do it.

So basically I'm starting to think this is really about him... and I have no idea how to bring it up with him without sounding like a bitch.
Boyfriend and daughter share bed?
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