I want to text him but don't know what to say?

if we been texting for days then went on date and he didn't text back..i want to text him but don't know what to say. I don't

want to seem like desperate..


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  • don't text back wait a few days cause he well think y isn't she texting me he well fall for you just don't talk to him that well work to I hope it works that's for anyone who wants to get a guy be really close and if you think there not talking to you then talk to then but then the next day don't get it cause it well get the guy thinking oh does she like me anymore or what

    • Thanks:) , but its been like 4 days since the date.and we haven't

      text.so should I still wait or text him?

    • Oh really well Text him he's woundering now probably tell me if everything went ok.is he the kind of guy that's shy

  • thank him for the date and say you enojoyed it ? :)