What does it mean (Tinder)? Forced to lower standards?

I tested TInder for a while and I ma usually matched only with average and below average girls whom I am not completely interested in. However girls who I am really attracted aren't very often matched with me. It's sad because I met there the ones who seems to be my 100% type.

What should I do? I can't force attraction


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  • How does the app select matches?

    • Generally photos

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    • What do you mean by "another avenue" ?

    • I mean for dating. If you're not attracted to anyone on the current site probably time to move on. Have you tried any other dating sites?

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  • I wouldn't call it lowering your standards but more of being realistic.

    • I can't force myself to be attracted to someone I am not attracted only because it's available option ;)

    • And neither can the woman your attracted to. So either be realistic or deal with a lot of rejection.

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  • Tinder is a waste of time unless you've won the genetic lottery.

  • You use the app because?

    • I want to meet someone interesting. Potental girlfriend ;)

    • People use it for hookups

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