Would a girl date a guy with Acid reflux?

Yes i have acid reflux and iam young , 21 years old, i have dated before and enjoyed life til a couple years ago i started suffering chest pains, stomach pains, annoying feelings, palpitations and other annoying symptoms after over a year of tests and doctors they discovered that i have Acid Reflux, it doesn't seem that dangerous and my doctor said it isn't but still it causes acid to go up my esophagus (and it can get it inflammed giving me so painful chest pains for a week or more) and sometimes even gives me painful abdominal pains and weird shakey feelings , palpitations.

I used to work out, enjoy life, eat whatever i wanted but now i can't, i have to avoid chocolate, mint, tomatoe sauce, fried food, most treats and sweets, spicy and hot food and pickles as well, plus i should not eat 2 hours before bed, overeat or bend too much during the day.

Iam on meds eating a healthy diet which keeps it under control, but dating means a girl has to be okay with putting up with all that and enjoying some meals alone while i watch her...

everyone says iam very good looking, have a great style (i like to take care of myself, groom and wear nice clothes ), smart, funny, interesting and down to earth, iam also 6'2 not fat and good at school (college)...

but i feel like iam asking too much of a girl whose just starting her life and has to put up with me and my condition, iam not trying to be overdramatic but even my parents find it annoying sometimes that i can't eat a lot of things...

do i have any chance with a decent girl? not gonna lie i dont think so but i hope iam wrong...

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I wouldn't have any problem with you. We can eat places that are okay for you. I'm not picky.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Acid reflux is often misdisgonized, and people are given antacids or beta blockers when the cause may be low stomach acid leaving undigested food to cause the problems, not high stomach acid. Read this chriskresser.com/.../

    • Honestly have no idea i've read a lot and did my best to study this, iam on meds and they seem to kinda help, i mean sometimes i feel good sometimes not so good so iam not sure if its the meds or the food i eat, whats really annoying is the pain in my chest and abdomin which lasts for over a week and comes and goes, iam not sure if its because of what i eat but i think food has a big part in it.

      on my tests acid appeared to stay in my stomach for a much longer time than its supposed to.

    • The wrong meds will still help but in the long term, they will cause more damage. If you have low stomach acid and take antacids, the acid from the undigested food that is causing the burn will be neutralized, but in the mean time, your stomach acid will continue to decline and you will absorb less nutrients.

      I suggest you get several different opinions.

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What Girls Said 3

  • of course you do. if I was your age I would go out with you anytime. something as minor (to me) is not a deal breaker.

  • Yes. Lots of girls would. Me though, wouldn't feel comfortable with you watching me eat though

  • I wouldn't too boring, i would only go to some date with him for free food but we'll never become exclusive.


What Guys Said 1

  • you'll find a girl who loves you mate. I feel ya bud


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