I find this girl sexually attractive. Does that make me a pedo?

First off, let's clarify that she's a grown woman. Kind of. Though she's still nine years younger than me (21, while I'm 30), so there's that. But still, the age gap isn't the biggest issue here. I've known her for a few months- met her while taking martial arts classes, and we've become good friends since then, meeting up, chatting and going out for coffee together. And I really like her- think she's totally hot and sexy, as well as being a great girl as a person, and I want to start dating her for real. The thing is though, she firmly believes that only pedos could possibly find her figure attractive and consider her to be 'hot' or 'sexy'. And she's said this to my face- tried to laugh it off, but I could tell that she was being serious, and that she really meant it.

She's petite (4'10"), and has the figure of a professional ballerina or gymnast- slender, toned, lithe, athletic and flexible, with a relatively small, tight ass, slender hips, and only-just A-cup breasts small enough for her not to need to wear a bra. The picture below isn't of her, but of another girl whose face and hair looks quite similar to hers, and who has pretty much the same figure which she does (or would, in a skintight outfit- my girl's breasts aren't quite as negligible as those of the girl below, but they aren't significantly bigger than my fully-tensed quads either).
I find this girl sexually attractive. Does that make me a pedo?

So then, girls and guys, do you think that she's right? In your opinions, is it possible for a grown man to find a girl who looks like her, with a figure like hers, hot and sexy (as I do) without being a pedo? And is it possible for me to convince her that I'm attracted to her, and want to date her, without coming across as being one, given that she already has that paranoid, self-deprecating idea (that she's exclusively a pedo-magnet, because she "looks like a little girl"- one of her main motives for taking martial arts classes in the first place) firmly lodged in her head?
I find this girl sexually attractive. Does that make me a pedo?
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