My girlfriend cheated on my birthday?

This double shocking is making me reconsider the relationship and her remorse. I've been with my girlfriend for almost 3 years and my birthday is on April 7. I had marriage in my mind for some time but she threw it all away. Well to make a long story short, last way she nearly stood me up on my birthday but stop at 10:45 PM, when the day was practically over and the people were leaving. She got my present and apologized profusely and how her boss made her take a double shift. I believed her because it seemed real and I no where did it cross my mind that she would cheat on me, much less on an important day. I found out she cheated last week but I didn't think it was on my b-day. She didn't want to answer the when question claiming that she didn't know exactly and that it would be too painful. This made me even more pissed off and after I kept insisting, I finally get the answer. It had to be that my last year's b-day party, the day she almost stood me up. It had been a regular day, I might have maybe consider work it out but now I don't know. She has been in tears since then and is begging for another chance. Out of all the days in the year, why on my own damn b-day?
My girlfriend cheated on my birthday?
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