Did my girlfriend cheat on me?

So basically this guy hits up my girlfriend and she sent him picture of her butt way before I was with her, anyways she keeps this guy on Snapchat and stuff and he just always hits her up asking for nudes, he hits her up and she tells
Me about it so i wouldn’t get upset and I get made and say jsut ignore him stop communicating with this guy, so I message And me and the creepy guy go at it and he goes I’ve seen your girls nudes and I can already mad text my girlfriend being like wtf. She immediately texts him asking for the pics and saying where are my nudes then and when did I send you nudes and you’re so tough where are my nudes then and tells the guy she’s been with me since September ( I’m like okay whatever she didn’t send him anything because she clearly stood up for herself and wouldn’t risk doing that had she sent anything) when my girlfriend is chewing him out he just avoids answering her.

Cut to sometime later and I can’t stop thinking about and I message him and tells she was wearing white panties ( as far as i know she’s doesn’t own white panties), he says she was doing a certain pose and he says she sent it conveniently between September 9th to the 16th ( we got together on the 9th) I call his bluff saying I was over for those days and he retracts the statement.
It gets too the point where I say to this guy I’ll give you whatever you want if you tell me the truth and he immediately says it wasn’t when you guys we’re together and I thought you were her ex the whole time and shit like that and whatnot trying to get whatever I was gonna give him. I also sent him a random picture of a girl of nsfw subreddit and he was like yeah that’s the one she sent me and when I asked again he was like it was one of them.

When I messaged him a final time he just said he didn’t know if we were together or not. My girlfriend posted stuff on social media about him calling him out again saying it’s pathetic that he saying he got nudes from her.
Did my girlfriend cheat on me?
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