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Guys can you please explain what you mean when you tell this to a girl you have been flirting with. There is a guy at my work and he comes in to my office all the time and flirts with me. The other day he said randomly "we should hang out more often" am I reading in to this too much because I like him or is that a sign he is interested?

I agree, expect for the fact he has not followed it up by having us actually do something.


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  • Seems like a pretty good sign he is interested. I think you are approaching it the right way. He is trying to feel out your reaction by keeping it simple "hang out". if you react well he could step it up to "go out" or even "date". Hang out is a non-threatening term and doesn't imply anything but a fun and friendly atmosphere. Don't take it too seriously but see how you feel if you hit off if you do hang out. If he keeps saying hang out then chances are its going the way of the friend unless his actions are more direct. Be patient and it should work out the way its suppose to.


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  • he's just a shy guy as most guys are. You would think just showing signs would finally get him to realize that you like him too, but you have to be quite blatant and direct with guys to "get it."

  • Do you want to go on a date =

    Do you want to go out =

    Do you want to hang out =

    Do you wanna chill =

    Let's Chill =

    Strange how it gets easier and easier to say as you break it down huh =p but yea they all mean the same thing.

  • he's interested. guys say "we should hang out" because it eases the pressures and anxieties of saying "do you wanna go to the movies with me sat night." both phrases mean the same thing, gl.

  • it means he wants to get to know you better

    i don't think its a date just yet

    but he def is interested and wants to see if it can go further


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