Do you think shy girls worth the effort to go for?

How I have been told, advised, experienced... Is the best way I have come up with to go for a shy girl.
Step 1 approach them consistently and warmly
Step 2 Become their freind until they warm up about 7 months
Step 3 Break the touch barrier
Step 4 lightly flirt she will react or won't but she won't show you or tell you if she did not like it
Step 5 try asking her out and hope that she has a crush on you cause other wise you just wasted 7 months and you lost a freind.

So how far off am I? What do you think about this list? What are your thoughts or advice on shy girls?
Yes they are worth it
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Na they are not really worth it
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It only works if she likes you
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It might work if she did not like you
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Unless they let you know that they like you don't go for them
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Try it asking her out might be worth the risk of losing a freind
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+1 y
The number of months was random and exaggerated.
Do you think shy girls worth the effort to go for?
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