If my boyfriend deleted a text from a girl?

Does that mean he got something to hide? its silly but I trust him for the longest til I glanced over and noticed that he deleted a text record from a girl (his phone works like an iPhone, it kept that conversation record of you and that person for a long period of time)..

I don't know why I'm thinking wrong, but I do the same too..when he comes to my house I usually emptied out my inbox..the text messages aren't even bad no flirting what so ever...mostly someone wanting to hang out, or saying hi, or having relationship problems..I have NOTHING to hide..I'm not interested in someone else..so why am I thinking wrong about him deleting that text?

I mean..i guess I wouldn't think wrong if like he decided to emptied out his whole inbox or something but he just deleted hers..what do you think? Am I paranoid or something? lol


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  • You are being paranoid. He probably just thought ether you might get upset at what she said.. or maybe he didn't want to see it again.

    Unless it becomes a regular thing with the same girl.. (and only her.) don't worry about it.

    • So I mean...i never check his phone...even when he was sleeping and his phone rang I never look at who's calling..how am I supposed to know if its going to be a regular thing if I rarely see him?

  • If you get jellous easily and your boyfriend knows this then he's most lightly just trying to prevent an un-needed fight/argument. If he is friends or close friends with this girl he is texting then it may have been something personal that she didn't want to tell anyone else or let anyone else know.

    Probably just doesn't want you to get paranoid. As you said yourself, you do it too so he doesn't get paranoid or jellous. He'll only be deleting the girls cause why would you get jellous over text from guys.

    • Okay I think he's aware that I get mad easily about things...maybe this is why? cause recently we just finished arguing (its one of those argument that lasted like a week or 2) and now we're actually better than before..maybe he's trying to avoid another argument?

    • Usually after arguments, especially long lasting arguments your relationship does strengthen but you also become more reluctant to have another fight. My guess is he is just trying to avoid something small and silly becoming a big problem. If he happens to receive a text from her again while you are there, just ask in a casual way what she is saying (not interrogative)

      There is no point in making a fuss over it and causing another argument when its probably nothing.

      Hope this helps.

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