How long should I wait to ask him to hang out again?

If you read my previous questions you'll see I hung out with this guy I like 2 weekends ago on Sunday (weekend before July 4th). At the end of the night he said he had a really good time- and when I texted him to tell me I had made it home ok, he said to "let me know when you get back so we can go out again" (get back after 4th of July because I was going out of town). I got back last night. I don't wanna scare him away by being too eager to hang out again - I wouldn't mind so much if I knew for a fact that he's interested in me. I still cannot tell if he just wants to hangout as friends or if he likes me. I do like him but prefer that he doesn't know about it, unless I already know he likes me too, and I dont. Well I am back now, and he said to let him know when I'm back. how long should I wait? And what should I say when I text him? I was thinking of something along the lines of "How was your July 4th weekend?" to kind of let him know I'm back without being like "Hey, I'm back now!" . and expecting something from him.
How long should I wait to ask him to hang out again?
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