How long should I wait to ask him to hang out again?

If you read my previous questions you'll see I hung out with this guy I like 2 weekends ago on Sunday (weekend before July 4th). At the end of the night he said he had a really good time- and when I texted him to tell me I had made it home ok, he said to "let me know when you get back so we can go out again" (get back after 4th of July because I was going out of town). I got back last night. I don't wanna scare him away by being too eager to hang out again - I wouldn't mind so much if I knew for a fact that he's interested in me. I still cannot tell if he just wants to hangout as friends or if he likes me. I do like him but prefer that he doesn't know about it, unless I already know he likes me too, and I dont. Well I am back now, and he said to let him know when I'm back. how long should I wait? And what should I say when I text him? I was thinking of something along the lines of "How was your July 4th weekend?" to kind of let him know I'm back without being like "Hey, I'm back now!" . and expecting something from him.


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  • I think that line about "how was your 4th" is a great way to start a conversation to let him know you are back.

    Let me give you a heads up -

    If a guy WANTS to hang out with you, 98% of the time he has more of a interest than friendship in mind.

    My mind set when ever I began hanging out with female friends, was a lot of times, "ok I like her but if she only wants to be friends, then that's fine".

    But understand, I'm a friendly guy. So that's why I threw in that 2%.

    Initially there are not many guys who think friendship with a female first.

    Depending on how you 2 interact, it may result in friendship.

    At times, the best thing for 2 people attracted to each other is friendship.

    Just know he is digging you on the low.

    The longer you keep it casual, the more enjoyable it becomes.

    By that I mean, don't tell him in words that you like him, but rather in little actions, but don't go to far. Guys are slow, but he will have the idea of you in his mind constantly trying to figure out what is what.

    If he confesses, then yeah tell him how you feel of course, but try to hold it in otherwise.

    I hope this helped.


    A Loving Black Man


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