Why doesn't he text me? He's so unpredictable!

Why doesn't he text me? He's so unpredictable!

I met this guy, through one of my friends on a night out and we hit it off straight away. We both got really drunk, and I ended crashing back at his and sleeping with him. To begin with, I saw this only as a one-night stand as I'd recently broken up with someone due to me going to University.

But that changed. The guy said he “couldn't believe I was with him now,” and that I was “stunning,” and “way out of this league.”

AND MORE specifically; “he'd like to see me again.”

I sobered up and realized I quite liked him too, so I agreed to meet him in a few days. We kept in contact through the week via texting, and we had a great time when I came over. Yes, I slept with him again but we enjoyed each others company. He even said that he'd come to University to see me.

When he left, he text me he “missed me,” and I said I felt the same.

I was busy in the forthcoming week, so we agreed to meet up again in 10 days. 4 days have gone and barely texts me, and only contacts me through Facebook, commenting on posts and posting stuff on my wall. He only texts me, if I text him. Even a simple “Good night” text would make my day, but no such thing. I sent one the other day and he replied: “Aww beaut! Goodnight =) xx”

I sent him a message today saying: “Just checked the rota at work, and I'm def free. You still up for coming over?”

He replied (quickly): “Of course, darling =) Can't wait to see you.”

I know I don't know him well enough, but am I being paranoid? What's going on?

Should I just give it time?

Please help me, I'm confused lol.


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  • I've tried being the reliable, easy to get a hold of always-there guy who has gifts on birthdays, surprise trips out of town etc and the end result was always the same - she'd skip out with some random guy. Ask other guys, I'm not the only one. So instead I lie about what I'm doing, don't return calls - told a girl I was really busy the other night so I could catch up on my world of warcraft - and she's texting like crazy to hang out tomorrow night. So in a nutshell being unpredictable works whereas being reliable gets you the cold shoulder.

    • I can see what you mean. Predictability is boring; and tbh I like to be kept on my toes ... but not too much. There has to be a balance. Not all girls are going to skip to some random guy, it always just depends on how well you both click

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  • It's not just predictability, it's that he's a "happenin' guy" or however people put it nowadays. If he's busy a lot with friends, work whatever girls will think that he has a life and career ahead of him - no self respecting girl wants a boring homebody. That's why guys don't return calls etc.


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  • Girl I'm in sort of the same situation. Where are the guys at to answer these questions?! I'm not sure if it's that he's scared or feels awkward. But you know guys don't express their feelings very well in public or face to face. My suggestion is just to call him and he prob won't answer because he's a guy... but leave him a voicemail or something just casual. Or try to talk to him face to face and just be calm and not intimidating.

    Maybe you can help me out... I lost my V to a guy I was hanging out with. We were together the night before that and had been talking and then we just fooled around that night. the next night we had sex and were pretty much sobered up at that point. But we did it again the next morning too. But he was so sweet to me all the next day. And now he's like avoiding me or something. I'm not gonna be attached to him or anything but I just want to talk to him...

    • Think I'm gonna just leave texting him. If he wants me, he can come and claim me. 'Nuff said.

      Your problem? Unfortunately, Its him being a typical guy. He's probably confused as you used to be mates and everything. Sex always confuses things. Give him some time, and if after a few days he doesn't contact you send him a text like: "Hey stranger, how's everything? xx" and if he doesn't reply then he's not really worth your time. Just remember, not all guys are the same. Good luck!

    • Good idea! if he wants you bad enough, then he'll come around. but if not then he misses out I guess!

      but thanks for the advice. it has only been four days so I guess I'm just thinking about it too much. I may run into him this weekend and ill just see how he reacts. but if he just ignores me from now on, then ill have to get over it.. and that would suck because he was so sincere but ill get over it.

    • Speak to your friends if you can, that shud help

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