What are some flirty names I can call a guy I'm not dating yet?

This guy and I like each other, it's pretty evident, but we're still in the flirting stages.

He calls me cute silly names and I want to call him something too.

What are some good suggestions? I just don't want to call him "baby, sexy, hottie" or anything like that. I want something a little more sweet.


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  • tough call, depends too on what -you- feel is cute.

    i made a nick name for a guy I liked and called him Ducky. Just because nothing seemed to ever bother him, and water runs off a ducks back. the nick name was cute, but it also had personal meaning.

    Another guy I nick named 'Chip' because when I first saw him he was holding up a huuuuge french fry with such an adorable face I burst out laughing. We started talking from there.

    Maybe instead of going for the stereo typical nick names people may suggest, just give him a nick name you feel is most fitting to him on a personal level. Something that will make you smile to say it, and maybe even make him feel a little extra special too.

  • Personally, I call everyone "dear". It's old fashioned enough that it's not too flirty and also seems careless enough to not have him jump to conclusions.