Taking it slow without losing her interest?

Her brother in law gave me advice to take things slow. Hang in group settings and if you get to a point where you want to take her on dates it would be best to talk to her dad. I am game with all of that. But what is the best way to "take it slow"?

Could texting lead her on? Or is that a safe way to show interest without spilling my feelings? Is there a better way to show her my interest while getting to know her? I am planning group events and stuff but man I just want to get to know her better...



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  • sometimes the alone times are the best times to show someone your true interest or even doing the smallest like buying her food or flowers.

    • So you're saying I should disregard what her Brother-in-law said and just ask her out?

    • No, he may be right I'm just saying do some things alone like it doesn't have to be a date just if you hang out being in groups can make her feel more like your friend but if you go out alone y'all can get a better connection

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