Do you think the dating app Bumble is sexist for making women initiate conversation with their matches?

My guy friend and I were talking about dating apps because no one ever talks to me on tinder or they will tell me they’ve seen me on the street and then unmatch me. I told my friend that with Bumble, the woman has to talk first. He said “well that’s sexist.” I said “well it does push the woman to initiate and it keeps the fuckboys away”. He said “what if the guy really likes her and wants to get to know her better?”. And we just had a little debate about that.

So what do you guys think?


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  • I like bumble, as it actually requires the female to take an interest in the male. As a guy who isn't exactly the hottest person alive, this is comforting because it means any chat I do get has legitimate interest behind it and I will most likely get to set up a date.

    • And then you can control which ladies you want to talk to

    • I don't like chatting a lot through the app. When a match comes in, my first priority is setting up some small date, like getting coffee or lunch , to chat and really get to know them.

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