She ghosted me 3 months ago, now she messaged me out of the blue for a date. Should I go on the date?

I was talking to a girl on okcupid for about a month. We exchanged long messages back and forth. We answered questions about each other. Had deep convos.

One day I told her about my first weed experience. (I didn't tell her it was a night I had sex with another woman during the span of talking to her online. Lol)

Anyway. She said she used to be religious via influence in her first marriage but now is open minded about not judging people. I messaged her again and she ghosted.

She ghosted for like 3 months after we had been talking online a month.

I dont like to rush into dates. I had one chic stalk me after sleeping with her etc. Im happy single but open to relationships. I can get sex outside a relationship if I want.

So 3 months later she messages me asking if I want to meet for drinks. The message started with a short apology for not replying. There was no explanation. I sort of casually said it was cool. I didn't ask an explanation.

She gave me her phone number. Should I go on the date or be suspicious?
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Thanks guys. Just to give you guys an update. We wound up having drinks. The drink date went well. But we were both clear about going through nasty break ups and not wanting a relationship.

So... naturally we started a casual dating relationship.

By the 2nd date we were having sex for the first time. Last night we had sex a 3rd time after going to a punk rock concert and a bar afterwards to talk. Now she wants to meet me for a 4th date tomorrow over coffee & has "kind of an important question".
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I just wanted to give you another update. We dated for 3 months. She has a bit of a troubled past that made her insecure about labels. But we didn't date each other and nobody else. She wound up moving out of state. We kind of got into some small grumbles about whether I should move with her but I was clear that it was too early in the relationship. After three months things ended on fairly good terms. I haven't heard from her since. I do really miss her though. She cried several times leaving.
She ghosted me 3 months ago, now she messaged me out of the blue for a date. Should I go on the date?
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