Why is she now ghosting me when I ask her out?


Ok so I have recently been in this weird relationship with a girl when she has suddenly started talking about sexual things with me. Before we would talk about normal day to day but it has changed as mentioned.

initially she had been trying to get me to go to stuff, just her and me, and I never went. I’m a bit of a dumb a$$ and as well as directly asking me to do stuff she would drop hints of new places opening up she wants to go to and stuff.

eventually I go to something she invites me too and we had fun. We text a bit after and have seen each other since and chatted, again topic of convo gets sexual. I feel like there is some flirting there too.

so, she had mentioned getting me a drink to pay me for something and I hadn’t said I would go with her at the time and our convo moved on.

so I finally realise I like this girl and a couple of days later I ask her when was she taking me out for drinks then. She replied that isn’t she wild enough sober. I had laughingly replied back I think she could be wilder. She didn’t look at it for at least a couple of hours and then I saw she’d read it. That was last night and she hasn’t said anything today.

so I’m confused- I’m literally doing what she wants and going out with her for drinks yet she hasn’t replied?

Why is she now ghosting me when I ask her out?
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