Why did this guy ghost me?

I met this guy at a concert a month ago. I randomly ended up hanging out with him and his friends. We flirted that night but he never made a move. The next day, his friend asked me out (he got my # at the concert). I declined/explained I chickened out from asking the guy I was interested in for his #. The friend said the guy heard me tell someone I have a boyfriend (I don’t, I say this when I’m out alone sometimes). The friend sent me the guys # and said he thought I should text him. I did. We texted everyday for a week and spoke on the phone 4x. 1st time he called he said he was not a good texter and preferred calling. He made sure I knew he lives a few hours away (he’s moving soon), and that he is 9 years older than me. The last call we had was ~30 minutes and went well. He teased me, called me nicknames, said his friends thought I was cool, and mentioned all sorts of things we could go do together. He told me he was going on a trip that weekend and a music festival the next weekend so he would be busy. He told me he was just a call away before we hung up.
I texted him the next morning responding to something he sent. A week later, no response. I texted him again saying I might be able to make time if he wanted call me again sometime. I figured I was getting ghosted so I mentioned if he wasn’t feeling it, no hard feelings. He texted back a couple days later adamantly saying he was just getting back from his trip and definitely wanted to keep talking to me. I knew he was going to a music festival that weekend so I wasn’t expecting him to call or be available right away. He never texted or called again though, his last text was about 10 days ago now.
I understand he’s not interested based on his behaviour (which is totally acceptable). Why after he dropped communication and I offered an out did he say he absolutely wanted to keep talking to me (but never followed up). I am fine being rejected, but ghosting bugs me lol! Any opinions?
Why did this guy ghost me?
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