He keeps calling me sweetie. Guys, would you do this...?

me and my ex broke up over a few arguments we had recently...it just kinda got too much. any way we agreed to have time apart and see how we felt..i mean I really miss him a lot, I did no contact for a week and he messaged me a couple of times but it was just short texts, nothing serious. any way we spoke yesterday and he said he loves me and he wants to be with me so much but the arguments are too much, he said if he can get in his head that we can limit the arguments we'll be fine. we haven't spoke much...but he asked me if I had a good time at my friends party etc and keeps calling me sweetie.

from a girls point of view, if I had no intentions of getting back with someone I would not call them sweetie as I wouldn't want to give them false hope on the relationship. what do you guys think, would you do it?


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  • As a guy, completely!

    I still call my ex girl-friend "babe" and on occasion tell her she's sexy but really have absoloutely no intention of getting back together and I'm very clear on that.

    We held onto the mutual love for one another but know we aren't right together. It p*ssed her off a lot at first because things where still raw but now its something we both do (she has a new boyfriend and I highly approve of him).

    Go by what the guy says, look to confirm how honest and truthful a guy by his interactions with others. Combine both.

  • Sounds like he wants to salvage the relationship. What was it that you always fought about, if you don't mind my asking.

    • Just stupid things that really shouldn't of mattered or caused an argument over but did somehow. usually if he'd done something in the past, and I brought it back up and he didn't like it we'd end up arguing over it. never anything serious.

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    • Sounds like he needs more time. See how he reacts at the party. It may tell you what you need to know.

    • How much time do you give, though?

      It must reach the point where he's had enough time to think it through...

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