If at the end of the date a girl presses herself against you to give you a slightly longer hug with a gentle back rub, how likely is she into you?

How likely would you say she's into the guy according only the hug? Is it a friend thing, a like thing or interested in thing?
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What's the back rub thing in the hug about?
I know pat in the back is friendzone and "stop hugging me" but what about the gentle rub?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Very likely. We will not say it directly, but we will show it with small actions. You said it was different from the first time. It means that she is definitively being attracted to you or attached to you. The fact that the hug is long means that she doesn't want to go. She feels good with you.

    I do not personally know her, so I can only say about my opinion and my own actions. In 98% of the cases, it will be very likely or likely though.

    • Thank you. Sounds promising. But what about the back rub? Is that a good or a bad thing? Should I be worried?

    • The back rub is a gesture of affection. So, no need to be worried about it or think deeply about it.

Most Helpful Guy

  • That’s a very good sign and she is VERY much into you

    • Because
      1. She gave me a hug
      2. She pressed herself against me
      3. It was a bit longer hug
      4. Back rub or
      5. Back rub was slow and gentle?

      What's the back rub thing about?

    • She probably wants to be physical with you.

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  • Back rub is just part of a hug, means nothing around here.

    • She's hugged me before but this was the first time she added the back rub to it

  • It means if you don't fuck her you're a douche bag

  • Very likely


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