Why do my tinder chats keep hitting a wall?

I've been on and off tinder for a few years now. It seems like I always get frustrated and quit at some point. One major reason for this frustration is that my conversations seem to always hit a brick wall at some point. We'll have what I am considering a good and fun conversation and out of nowhere they stop replying.

I decided to give tinder another try not long ago. I matched with a few people, and started a conversation with two guys that seemed the most approachable. I didn't pick and choose out of a thousand matches, by the way. I only had maybe four so far and decided I'd stop swiping and try to get to know these new matches.

I had a conversation going with both of these guys for a few weeks. Then, a couple of days ago, both of them didn't reply anymore. On an app like tinder it's not alarming if it takes a few days for them to answer but both of these guys had previously answered within 24 hours. Now I haven't heard from either in four days.

Obviously you can't know what has actually happened because you aren't mind readers. The guys only know why they decided to not answer anymore. However, this has happened to me more times than I can count.

Do you have any idea what could be causing this trend? Is this a sign of me simply being a bad conversationalist? Should I ask them what's going on or is that too pushy?
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When I ask tinder related questions, I always forget that the purpose of the app seems to be quite different in different regions. I probably should have asked this from Finns exclusively on a different platform. I appreciate your replies anyway.
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I get the point of taking too much time before meeting them. I just want to make something clear, though.

By "a few weeks" I meant more than a week but less than two weeks. We were never online at the same time. I would send him a message in the morning and he would reply late in the evening when I was already asleep. And the cycle would continue like that. Because of that, we didn't get very far in the conversation.
Why do my tinder chats keep hitting a wall?
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