Does height matter?

Men: do you like your woman to be short or tall?

Women: do you like your man to be short or tall?

I'm 5'3". I consider myself short.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I think i've met some girls like 6'0 and i was attracted to all of them and i'm 6'2, but still i was attracted to most short girls, so i think height doesn't matter at all to me.
    I just think the idea of a tall girl is exciting because most of the girls in my country are short.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Tall so that I don't have to fucking climb for things in the house anymore! I'm 5'2" which is only an inch shorter than you so I am pretty sure you feel my pain on this one.

    • I completely agree 😂

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    • 6 ft. Little taller or a tiny bit shorter would be fine too.

    • How bad... even short women want men around 6'

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