What does he mean by “Let’s see where this goes”?

I met a guy a few weeks ago. He’s great. I really like him a lot. We’ve been spending a lot of time together. Almost daily, for hours or even days on end. When we do, it’s usually cuddled up together in one of our beds with a drink and snacks binge watching Netflix. He’s taken me out for dinner a few times, we’ve gone for ice cream, he brings my favourite snacks and chocolate to Netflix nights and we just stay there til we pass out. My birthday was 5 days ago and he took me out to dinner and an escape room and I got my hair done. Nights we don’t stay over, he never fails to kiss me goodnight, always lets me know when he’s home or waits up til I message that I’m home. We have also had sex a few times. He has zero problem showing affection in public, kissing me in grocery stores, holding my hand and putting his arms around my waist. Our cuddle and Netflix nights, we are always right on each other; his arm around me or my head on his chest with him holding me close. But when my best friend asked him if we were dating, he said we are just friends and seeing where it goes. She says this means that it’s never going anywhere and I should walk away before I catch feelings and get hurt. She is somewhat of the jealous type and settled for a loser so I partially wonder if she’s jealous. This guy also makes a lot of money and she’s always been about having and spending craploads of money that she doesn’t have. Makes me wonder if she’s jealous that if I end up with him long term, I’ll be “above” her in her eyes.

So what do I take of this? I know he’s been deeply hurt in relationships before. As have I. My last serious relationship ended in an abusive marriage that took me years to recover from. Is my friend right by saying “Let’s see where this goes” means he isn’t interested and I should walk away, or is he actually in to me and just wants to take it slow?
What does he mean by “Let’s see where this goes”?
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