I need some help.. vagina smell?

So a like a months ago I got really insecure about the smell of my vagina so I ended up douching... not realizing but it end up making it way worse. And my boyfriend and I had ended up having sex and it smell so foul that he said something to me regarding it. So I went to the doctor and got everything all figured out and the smell has went away but now he doesn't want to have sex with me... or isn't sexual attracted to me again because of the smell that is no longer an issue. How do I come back from that. It really hurts my feelings that he wants to wait a little longer before engaging in anything. (It was never a an std or anything like I said it was from over douching). How do I get the romance back.. how do I help him forget about something like that and want to start sleeping together again?
I need some help.. vagina smell?
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