Is it a bad idea to tell a girl you like her over text?

I went public skating with this girl I like who I've known for about a month, but I didn't hold her hand or do anything really. I'm pretty shy with this kinda thing, so is it a bad idea to tell a girl you like her over text? what about something like "hey, do you want to hang out again, only this time as a date?" good idea/bad idea/other suggestions?


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  • Hey,

    It's generally a bad idea to text that you like someone. But you are on the money with thinking about asking her out on a date (and letting her know explicitly you are looking at it as a date). This shows confidence, and moves things forward in the direction you want. In contrast, telling her you like her could make her think you are insecure, coming on too strong, etc.

    With that mind, I also will recommend you call her up. Texting doesn't lead to dating very often. You want to be a man and call. Say something like "Hey, I had fun hanging out with you the other day (let her respond)." Then say "Would you be interested in getting together again?" And there you go.

    Keep in mind, if she doesn't pick up, you don't want to leave this as a message on her machine. Just say something like "Hey, it's (your name). We met at (____). I wanted to call and say hi and I look forward to talking with you soon."


    - Evan

    How to Leave a Good Message -> link


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  • If you are gonna tell her that you like her, best is to do it when you see her, this way she will like it more!

    But you can send her a text saying "wanna hang out cept as a date?" or something along those lines :)

    You can just invite her to do something with you and don't even say its a date. When you see her, maybe hold her hand or you know...make a small move or something or just tell her then :)

  • It's not bad to say it over text but on the phone or in person would mean so much more to her. Call her and ask her to dinner or something :) Then if things are still going well, tell her you really like her and feel something there.

  • Bad idea to tell her you like her over a text. Good idea to ask her out over a text. Ask her out and then when you find the right time in the date, tell her how you feel ;) If you think you should wait for some other dates to tell her, do so.

    Good luck :)


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  • Yes.

    Tell her face to face like a real man. Not a chump, hiding in your room, texting in bed like a chump.

    Moral: Don't be a chump. Tell her straight up.