Is this girl I work with leading me on...or is she for real?

So I work with this girl at the bar. She has a boyfriend. I KNOW I KNOW bad idea...anyways she's totally cute, I have a huge crush on her...she doesn't know this tho...

here is my story/questions...she told me she thought I was a stud and very attractive and we flirt EVERY time we work together and every second we can (we work at a bar together). She consistantly asks me if I would date her if she didn't have a boyfriend. She has told my sister she could see herself dating me. She's told my roomates that she would date me...blah blah. When she straight up asked me if I would date her if she was single I kinda brushed it off. Why? Because I'm not the type of guy to barge in a relationship she has been in for 2 years.

What do I think of the situation? I think she's bored of her boyfriend, that she likes the excitment I bring when we work together, the chase, the fun...its just different than what she is used to. I'm 24, she's 22. I don't ask much about her boyfriend, except about his car lol - we both drive the same car and we both ahve put work into it. I do not know him personally, if that matters at all.

Anyways girls/guys how would you take this, how do you see this. Is she just playing games. she's said she is unsure about her boyfriend but I think she just says that to string me along and keep us flirting...i have shown no real indication that iw ould date her or that I take her seriouslty when we flirt because she has a bf...i mean I've never straight up said "i would date you" as she does to me...she is a very flirtatious girl but I can tell she is different around me. Some girl came up to me and I talked to her for a while and she was like so what was that all about? I was like I don't know her friend thinks I'm cute and she wanted me to go over to her later and say what's up, she (the girl I have a crush on) told me that there's no way that girkls friend could think I'm cute because she has already "claimed me".

I love flirting with her and I just don't know what to get out of this...i mean its fun, she's fun, she's different, but the boyfriend is just in teh way and I don't want to be that guy or a rebound if they do break do I go about this are your eacting to what she is saying to me and my friends...what about her jealousy...girls would you do all of this just for fun and to get a kick out of it...ive clearly shown I'm not desperate, that I can handle not being with her and that I'm independant...i just don't know how to figure this whole thing out, what is she doing she looking for me to say I'd date her and then for her to break up with ehr bf? I don't know much about their relationship otehr than what she says. I'm ust looking for guys/girls insight on this situation and how you would taek what she is saying to me...

thanks in advanced!
She's leading you on
She likes you
Doesnt matter, she has a bf
Bf or no boyfriend its clear she has a crush on you, let her end things with her boyfriend before doing anythign else
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Is this girl I work with leading me on...or is she for real?
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